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Dr Kieran O'Donnell

Assistant Professor, Yale School of Medicine.

Kieran O’Donnell is an Assistant Professor at the Yale Child Study Center and the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences within the  Yale School of Medicine where he leads the Health-Omics & Perinatal Epidemiology (HOPE) Research Group. In 2019 Dr. O’Donnell was elected as a CIFAR Fellow (Child and Brain Development Program).

Dr. O’Donnell's research focuses on maternal perinatal mental health and the developmental origins of mental health. His group integrates genomic and epigenomic data with measures of psychosocial risk to 1) better understand individual differences in maternal perinatal mental health and 2) identify the molecular processes that underlie the persisting influence of the prenatal environment on child/adolescent neurodevelopment.

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