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Providing excellent training courses in perinatal mental health

Our live online courses provide unique access to hand picked speakers - top experts in their fields and excellent communicators, delivering superb, up to date multidisciplinary training in perinatal mental health for over 20 years. Over 3000 UK NHS staff have been trained, as well as many others internationally.

“Very well organised, comprehensive training delivered by exceptional speakers.” Specialist perinatal MH nurse

Professional training in perinatal mental health providing knowledge, understanding, clarity and inspiration so you can love what you do, every day.

Our courses are carefully designed to be suitable for all those working with mothers and babies and perinatal mental health: campaigners, GP s, health visitors, managers at every level, midwives, nurses, obstetricians, OTs, peer supporters, practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and more. Just what you need for your continuing professional development: cutting edge knowledge, clinical relevance and inspirational communication.

Perinatal mental health is a rapidly moving field of research and clinical practice. The expertise that women and babies require comes from confidence in up-to-date knowledge and clinical experience. It is recommended that all staff refresh their training every four years.


Our twice yearly training courses have been designed by leading international expert Dr Alain Gregoire, who chairs each course live, integrating the wisdom and contributions from top national and international experts.

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All our training courses are designed to be stimulating, inspiring, memorable, and thought provoking throughout. Content is carefully planned to bridge all areas as comprehensively as time allows - unlike conferences or training events that typically cover an arbitrary mix of topics.

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